Argumentative Essay On Geoengineering

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Research Question: Are we sure enough about the alleged anthropogenic cause of climate change to embrace the uncertainties of geoengineering?
Thesis Statement: Due to the limitations of global climate models used as predictors for future calamitous climate changes and the lack of fact-based knowledge regarding the climate, we should avoid geoengineering because of the unknown and possibly devastating consequences.
Annotated Bibliography
Bodansky, Daniel. "The Who, What, and Wherefore of Geoengineering Governance." Climate Change 121.3 (2013): 539-551. Print. DOI.ORG/10.2139/SSRN.2168850
The author discusses the enticement to political groups because of geoengineering’s alleged potential to reverse global warming rapidly and cheaply, as he presents concern regarding the significant risks and the threat of technology gone wrong. The author looks at the basic authority issues raised by geoengineering, its possible functions, governance, and specifically addresses inadequate research funding, rejection, and unilateral vs individual action. Bodansky is a professor at Arizona State University Sandra Day O 'Connor College of Law and has written three books and dozens of articles and book chapters on international law, international environmental law and climate change policy. This article will be a useful tool in discovering
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He was recently appointed as editor for the On Sustainability which is one collection of 77 international journals published by Common Ground Publishing. The has served as an advisor to the World Commission on Forests and Sustainable. Development, is a member of the OpenSpace Research Centre (Open University 's (OU) Centre for Geographical and Environmental Research). The OU is a virtual campus based in Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The vast knowledge this author possesses will assist in writing a fact-based

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