Argumentative Essay On Flat Earth

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Zack Storvick
Mr. Diggins
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Flat Earth Controversy
The Earth isn't flat. To some that is obvious. To others it's a bold statement. Many scientists and people argue about a topic that has a clear answer. Is the Earth Flat? Over centuries, people have debated whether or not our planet is flat. But now, with the advancements of science and technology, people still choose to believe and create groups or “societies” claiming the Earth is flat. The flat Earth idea is false due to use of science, common sense and an individual's own opinion.
Time after time, science and technology have proven that we live on a spherical planet. Now that we have access to space, the easiest way to prove the Earth is a sphere is to leave it and view it
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If in fact they believe the earth to be flat, they are choosing to be ignorant. The moon is a perfect explanation which is literally in plain sight. The Earth casts a shadow on the moon when aligned with the Sun. These create phases which appear to have a curve. While flat-earthers will contend that there is no such thing as gravity, this force unites the entire universe. It’s everything from what makes the numbers jump on a bathroom scale to the reason why planets and stars form. It uniformly pulls everyone on the surface of Earth toward our planet’s center of mass (roughly the exact center). That’s why you’ll weigh the same in Los Angeles as you will in say south east Asia. If the Earth was flat, gravity would no longer pull everyone the same way. If the flat Earth would be something like a disk, those at the edge of the disk would be pulled relatively sideways, while those at the center of the plate would be pulled straight down. The difference would change your weight enough to confuse a bathroom scale. Considering that humans have been to every landmass on Earth without celebrating sudden lightness, we can rule out a flat planet. Global conspiracies apparently prevent people from investigating these boundaries. These are things no one really thinks about, but if taken the time using good judgment, the answer is easy to

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