Argumentative Essay On Euthanasia

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Index: Introduction Body Types and Terminology Legal Status Arguments Against Euthanasia Arguments Supporting Euthanasia Alternatives Conclusion References I. Introduction The word euthanasia stems from the Greek words “eu thanatos” meaning “good death” and it’s used to describe the act of a certain individual, usually a doctor, to deliberately end the life of someone. It’s important to differentiate between euthanasia and assisted suicide at this point. Assisted suicide is a term used to describe the action of an individual deliberately ending their own life, based on guidance, information, tools, or medication supplied by a third party individual. For example, a doctor could prescribe an overdose of muscle relaxants to a patient suffering…show more content…
It’s based on the idea that if we start allowing medical organizations to “pull the plug” then the government will soon be able to murder patients without their consent for various reasons. The argument has at least two fallacies, False equivalence and Fallacy of division however for the sake of covering all the related points I’ll explain more about it. Individuals who use this argument believe that supporting active euthanasia and having the idea publicly acceptable will lead the community to gradually accept non-voluntary euthanasia and involuntary euthanasia. They also believe that the legalization of voluntary euthanasia will lead to a spectrum of consequences that were unaccounted for such…show more content…
2- Doctors may give a wrong diagnosis to a patient, and the patient may choose to go with euthanasia believing that they have a terminal illness. 3- Scientists would be discouraged to research new cures for terminal illnesses. Yet another popular argument against euthanasia is the medical ethics argument. Opponents of euthanasia quote a piece from the International Code of Medical Ethics that states 'A doctor must always bear in mind the obligation of preserving human life from conception '. They believe that legalizing euthanasia would encourage health professionals to abandon their empathy and compassion, and consider ending patients’ lives as just a routine administrative task. Individuals who use this argument often forget that morality is not originated from law, and to think that a doctor would prefer ‘killing off’ patients rather than saving their lives would imply that doctors only try to save patients because they’re getting paid to do so. Individuals who favor this argument also believe that people with complex health needs or those with disabilities might grow distrusting of their doctors, which is another fallacy since it can only be true if we assumed that a doctor sees other humans as customers or job tasks instead of seeing them as human

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