Argumentative Essay On Euthanasia

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Euthanasia, a sensitive and delicate subject. The termination of someone who is very sick to relieve them of the suffering of their disease is a great moral dilemma. The debate on the ethics of Euthanasia can incite strong emotions on both sides of the argument, those who support the idea and those who oppose the idea with great dislike. I happen to believe that euthanasia or assisted suicide is not as morally wrong as some people make it out to be. Does an individual on his deathbed not have the right to die with dignity and no pain? Is putting that individual out if his misery not morally right? Is trying to stop ones suffering not morally wrong?
Euthanasia is legal in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Physician Assisted Suicide (PAS) is legal in Oregon and Washington State in the US. There are serious discussions going on in Montana, Singapore and Spain. The Swiss authorities are having a similar debate themselves, with the final outcome far from clear.
In Australia legislation concerning end-of-life issues has been dealt with on a state basis. In 1995 the Northern Territory passed legislation allowing euthanasia, but it was overturned by the Federal Parliament in 1997.Legislation for euthanasia has been twice considered and rejected by the NSW parliament. It just keeps coming back. There has to be some power in the idea of Euthanasia that it keeps making appearances in the court.
Most of the people in today's civilized societies believe that it is absolutely acceptable to let a person end his life if he wants to and if he is not capable of doing it himself he can volunteer for assistance. There is nothing morally wrong with this idea. It is said our body is our own to cherish and worship but what happens when this ...

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...hanged and voluntary euthanasia is legalized it will be hard to keep it under control. Involuntary euthanasia will increase and soon doctors will terminate patients without permission to save money and free up beds for other patients.Euthanasia also gives a wrong message that its better to be dead than sick or disabled ,it also says that human beings have no value.
Both sides have strong points backing them up.Deciding what is ethical is still a dilemma for some but from what i’ve always believed euthanasia to be ethical and this research just deepens my beliefs. In conclusion, when a patient chooses euthanasia to end its misery, everyone should respect his decision.Euthanasia is a temporary solution because no one can reduce the pain of losing someone but it is not the worst solution.Euthanasia is not the true solution to suffering.But its the best we have.
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