Argumentative Essay On Energy Drinks

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In order to answer the question of whether consuming energy drinks have any health consequence among the teenager years. Recent evidence has linked energy drink consumption with a number of negative health consequences, “such as risk-seeking behaviors, poor mental health, adverse cardiovascular effects, and metabolic, renal, or dental conditions.” (Reissig CJ 9). Energy drinks are non-alcoholic beverages marketed to improve energy, stamina, athletic performance, and concentration. They are categorized as “functional beverages” alongside sports drinks and nutraceuticals, like Gater-Aid and Power aid. The Energy drink industry has grown dramatically in the past 20 years, reaching over $9.7 billion in United States sales in 2015, with two brands accounting for nearly 85% of the market.
There are numerous physiological and psychological effects of energy drinks on the human body. Numerous studies confirm that there are significant improvements in cognitive and mental performance as well as enhanced personal vigilance. Energy drinks if …show more content…

Commercials of the energy drinks state that they give “everyone wings”, or that hero’s and superstars drink them and you will be able to win medals if you drink them. When in reality they give teenagers “Risk-seeking behavior problems” like substance abuse: alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana, amphetamines, and aggressive behavior: fighting, bullying, truancy (Terry-McElrath 13). Other problems that the can doesn’t tell you is increased systolic and diastolic blood pressure, increased heart rate. Sleep dissatisfaction, tiredness/fatigue, late bedtime, headaches, stomachaches and irritation are among the other symptoms that consuming energy drinks have. There are warnings on the can, but only pertaining to the caffeine content in the

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