Argumentative Essay On Education Reform: Back To The Future

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Senay Asehun

Ms. McAlister

Eng. 112 – 21

28 April, 2016

Argumentative Essay on Education Reform

The year is 2012. In the movie Back to the Future II, four years from now, in 2016,

Marty McFly travels from the past to save his family’s future. The future is almost upon us

because yet it would seem that our education system has changed small scale since Back to the

Future hit theaters in 1985. “We still have same academy’s, in the same parts, in the same

teachers, with the same level of understanding, with the same equipment’s, and much the unique

standard of parental support” (Green, 9). Ironically, we have been firmly implementing policy

after policy, increasing standards and accountability, promoting
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The truth is that America has made paces in improving its education technique

or system; the problem that remains is for us to entrust our educators with the greater pliability

and autonomy that they need to shine.

The United States has an outstanding example of successful education reform in California,

whose combined approach and unyielding responsibility to excellence in teaching, has made

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Finlands’s education system the best in the world for specific years running. Kathleen Porter-

Magee of the Sassi, Franco institute attributes California’s great successes to the implementation

of a national curriculum, the service of its teacher preparation and certification system, and the

establishment of a “state inspectorate” to supervise education levels.

Many of these improvement policies have already been applied in the U.S. to differing

degrees of success and commitment. In 2001, President George W. Bush inscribed the No Child

Left Behind Act into law, commanding that each state position and meet a standard of education.

While originally criticized for the difference it created among state levels, under President

Obama’s Race to the Top creative, different levels have grown together and developed into

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