Argumentative Essay On Education In Canada

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Education plays a role in millions of Canadians lives and is an indispensable part of Canadian history. In modern day Canada, education is seen as a standard step in Canadian’s maturing. It is a full-time part of over six million Canadians lives, and its’ popularity continues to grow. Because Canadian’s are fortunate enough to have the luxury of easy access to public education, its’ worth is often overlooked. Education is vital for those wishing to enhance their personal lives, or move up in the work force and it deserves the utmost appreciation. Canada’s public education system has expanded to incorporate new ideas and social conventions since the twentieth century. Criticisms and issues of education are constantly under discussion: What role should government play in education? How should public education be organized and financed? What changes still need to be made in the education system? Canadian’s aim to answer these questions, and a look into the past roots of education aid them in their findings. In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries few people went through formal education, and attending a post-secondary institution was a rarity. In the 1800’s school systems barely existed, and there was a strong need for change. First Nations people had created…show more content…
Many Canadians hold strong opinions on the issues of education, and they influence where they attend school, as well as their political beliefs. Although Canadians criticize education, most of them tend to participate in government regulated formal education, through public schooling. Education has transformed from a place to learn the basic skills needed for survival, to teaching how to become a skilled worker, and finally on how to become a ethical, well-versed member of society and as new technology and information is introduced into our society the needs of education are constantly changing. The only question is: can education keep
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