Argumentative Essay On Eating Disorders

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Eating Disorders In civilized societies, there are continuous prizing of thinness than ever before. Occasionally, almost everyone is watchful of their weight. Individuals with an eating disorder take extreme measures to concern where they ultimately shift their mode of eating, this abnormal eating pattern threatens their lives and their well-being. According to Reel (2013), eating disorders are continually misapprehended as all about food and eating. However, there is more to that as the dysfunction bears from emotion concealing a flawed relationship with food, physical exercise and oneself. Persons with eating disorders convey fault-finding, poor self- esteem and intense body discontent. This can lead to extreme distress of gaining weight,…show more content…
Unhappy about weight- Is a psychological factor where one gets discontented about her weight as she feels she hasn’t got thin enough. Even more severe, after realizing how skinny she has gotten, she still wants to lose even more weight. They end using diet tabs and cutting down the calorie by taking low-calorie food. Dissatisfaction never ends. Illness starts commencing more when they start engaging in high-calorie food as they overheat more than is needed.
b. Admittance/Denial- The distorted perception of the body image, keeps one wanting to lose weight even further. The thought of being happy with slim body surpasses the reality. The individual remains adamant about having a problem. In fact, there is no point of feeling thin enough and the dieting process continuous. Others may admit they have a problem, but due to feeling ashamed, they won’t seek help right away.
c. Withdrawal/Sociable- Those suffering from eating disorder end up withdrawing from family and friends just because they see them as an interference with their strict dieting. In the real sense, they feel hopelessness, depression, and suicide.
d. Solution to the problem- It is when the starvation takes control of the person as losses control over
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Binge eating disorder can seriously affect one’s health. The first step is understanding the impact of binge on your health by visiting a specialized doctor. This is important as it addresses any chronic condition that may have developed as a result such as heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity-just to name a few. Other than medical perspective, the physiological condition is subject to the interest in curbing binge disorder. Understanding the body such as learning body signals that the body send before and after meals and assessing fullness and hunger is so crucial in managing binge disorder. With time, these healthy measures will pay off and health state is restored.
b) Psychological. It starts with the understanding of underlying feelings, subconscious thoughts and conditions that consciously led to the conclusion that overeating is the best way to go. Although it may prove uncomfortable and challenging at times, understanding willingness or motives to address established thought patterns and behavior are essential in the process of managing and ending binge eating
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