Argumentative Essay On Drug Use

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There are some who argue that drug use harms those around the user in a negative sense, they believe drugs must be outlawed. Due to this sense of reasoning there have been multiple arguments about drug use and if they should be allowed to be used. The Office of National Drug Control Policy shows its two cents on the issue. The Office of National Drug Control Policy states that the use of drugs erodes the individual’s capacity to achieve the ideals of freedom and embrace their personal responsibility. Most agree that it is one’s own choice to use drugs and it makes people different from each other. However, it also states that through drug use, they user does not get the full capacity in which they can participate in the community that they truly belong. There are…show more content…
Howard is a loser in societies eyes because of just how he is as a human being, there is nothing pushing him one way or another. When a drug user starts to act as Howard does it creates a different problem. A drug user is not normally a loser in societies eyes until they start to use drugs, the drugs themselves push the user one way or another based on circumstances. The choice of what to do rest solely on the drug user/abusers shoulders. In Howards’ case he has no choice because that is just how he is and always be, he does not decide to all of a sudden take drugs and become a threat or an undesirable part of the community because he is already there. On the flip side, when a normal person who works in society and the community decides to take drugs, it alters most of them in a way that does not allow them to continue being a positive part of the community, it actually takes away their right and their capacity to participate in the community. Even though Huemer believes that Howard and a drug user are the same they are quite the opposite, you can ban the drugs that make people act rash in society, but you cannot ban the normal way that some people are
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