Argumentative Essay On Drinking Drinks

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Almost every American consumes caffeine in today’s day and age. We use these beverages to help keep us awake and get our day going. The only problem with these drinks is the amount we consume could possibly harm us. With this I don’t want to just look at the harmful aspects caffeine has but also the good benefits this could have on our bodies. We as Americans need to learn to consume caffeinated beverages in moderation.

What is caffeine, it is a drug and once you are hooked on this it can be vary hard to kick the habit of eliminating caffeinated beverages from your life. Caffeine is one of the fastest acting drugs known to man. When we drink it, almost every cell in the body, including the brain, absorbs it within minutes. From there, caffeine
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More and more research is emerging to suggest that there may be several health benefits associated with drinking this dark black beverage, from helping prevent HYPERLINK "" diabetes to lowering the risk of liver disease. Coffee may be protective against type 2 diabetes. Researchers at UCLA identified that drinking coffee increases plasma levels of the protein sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG). SHBG controls the biological activity of the body 's sex hormones, which play a role in the development of type 2 diabetes. Dr. Simin Liu, one of the authors of the study, said that an "inverse association exists between coffee consumption and risk for type 2 diabetes” (Nordqvist, 2016). Not only could this limit the chances of you receiving type 2 diabetes but caffeine does help you stay awake. In some jobs staying awake is required. For some of these jobs it’s the night shift workers that consume the most amounts of these drinks. I know from experience that this becomes hard for me to cut theses beverages out of my diet. When we have these beverages so available it makes it tough for men and woman to get the caffeine out of their diet. If we learn to drink these drinks in moderation rather than what we as Americans drink today we could live longer healthier lives. Instead of your cup of coffee in the morning a good workout will do the same thing for your body, as the coffee
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