Argumentative Essay On Depression And Depression

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“Depression and anxiety are the most prevalent mental health problems college students confront” (Businessweek, 2012). College is meant to be a new chapter in a persons life, for it is a time when people truly find themselves, the kind of crowd they wish to be involved in, their own interest, and how they want to perceive the world in whole. There is a high level of self-freedom and expression that comes with college, however those qualities come with a price. Freshmen who aren’t use to personal management and independence can cause struggling to adapting to college, which leads to feelings of failure, anxiety and depression. Emotional instability can severely tarnish the overwrought mind-set of freshman, creating a darkened atmosphere of negativity.…show more content…
When the semester is already halfway and freshman still haven 't accustomed, they fall behind in their classes, usually get distracted or lose hope in their grades, start failing or completely avoid school in general. In a interview with a student named Varman, she describes how later on she began struggling and didn 't know where to start to get help from. “Asking for help, however, is often difficult for students. Varman said she could not take advantage of these programs because she could not prepare for a meeting when she did not know where to start. “I feel apprehensive about it because I felt I was not ready,” she said. “I need to work and then go and explain my problem.”” (Rodman). Many students, not just freshman fall into this state of struggling in college, when they aren 't prepared, the consequences truly start showing later on. This doesn 't mean that it’s impossible or inevitable, but that students should definitely be self-scrutinized on their schedule and make plans in order to be able to face any obstacles in the future. Ironic as to these are the exact similar struggles that I am facing as well, mainly due to the fact that I…show more content…
The depression and anxiety is mostly prevalent in freshman as older students are more seasoned and adjusted to college already, however these emotions are kindled from excessive stress, difficulty of sleeping and eating, removing of social affairs, bad grades, and a increasing sense of unhappiness from constant studying. So many factors come in play when students are experiencing depression, but usually students who are struggling face these feelings the most. Here, and article explains the overall thinking of this mindset downfall for freshman in college. “Both anxiety and depression can crop up — or come back, if someone has experienced them before — during freshman year, when students leave life as they know it for the first time ever. In theory, it sounds like a dream: no more parents or curfews, and newfound freedom to do you. But in reality, being on your own can also mean you 're away from your family and friends, your sleep schedule is messed up, or you start trying alcohol or other substances. “ (Ruiz). This highlights the main points of how important it is to be able to transition into college and adapt as early as possible, for if no changes are done to your typical routine/or schedule, hardships are almost inevitable, and thats the hard truth that freshman should reconcile as college is not as easy. Personally, I
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