Argumentative Essay On Cyber Bullying

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In recent years, along with the development of technology and networks, teenagers are keen on communicating with other people through a multitude of digital and electronic technologies, such as cell phones, network, social communication tools (e.g. Facebook or twitter). According to the report written by LENHART in 2015, among all teenagers participating in the survey, 98% of them have the opportunity to use the network or communication tools daily or weekly. While adults are more likely using communication tools as practical tools; teenagers may consider a tool as a way to share their life to people. Recently, a tragedy news,once again, grabs attention from people back to the network about cyber-bully. This article, written on July 9th, 2016…show more content…
Cyber bullying is becoming a product of the internet which needs attention from the world. Psychologically, schools and families should monitor the network behavior of teenagers. As mention in one of the reports, lack of emotional support and school “climate” can have impact on bullying and victimization (Swearer & Hymel, 2015, p. 3 & 4). When teenagers are emotionally unstable, schools and family should intervene as soon as possible such that preventing teenagers from mood disorder. Teenagers may feel supported and they may not have suicidal ideation. Since less family support is an environment protective factor psychologist need to consider related to suicidal ideation (Swearer & Hymel, 2015, p.6). On the other hand, the family should help teenagers learn how to advance abstract thinking. Teenagers can have better understanding about cyber bullying and develop more stable concepts about surroundings (Swearer & Hymel, 2015, p.6). Last but not least, each country should establish a prevention mechanism for cyber bullying and media should create a green media environment. Teenagers can access and learn things from media most of time. When they encounter cyber bulling with no solution, they would imitate others’ behaviors, which include suicide, in the media in order to accomplish specific needs (Krause &Corts, 2012, p.264). In order to guarantee the health of adolescents physiologically and psychologically, we should put more efforts and there is still a long way to
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