Argumentative Essay On College Education

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College Education
Regrets are something that everyone deals with in their lives, and smart decisions are the best way to prevent them. The huge decision that the majority of people struggle with after high school is whether they should attend college. Continuing education after high school is a necessity if you are planning on getting a good job and making a high income. The main issue for why so many people do not get a college degree is because of the high expenses. However, living with only a high school diploma is actually much more difficult than affording college. There are many other benefits from college and most adults regret never receiving a degree. People should attend college because higher education will increase your income, help our society, and improve your lifestyle (Dudley 1).
The income of college graduates is much higher than those without a
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Many people who have never attended college may still live a happy and healthy life (Dudley 2). Studies have shown that college graduates are much more likely to develop better lifestyle habits. One reason why college education can improve your lifestyle is that it will help you to be smarter about your decisions. (Dudley 2). The choices you make have a huge impact on your life and one wrong decision could ruin your career forever. Another reason is that college education has been linked to healthier eating or a decreased risk of drug abuse (Dudley 2). Studies show that college graduates are more likely to live longer than those who have never attended college because of healthier habits. Lastly, people who have attended college are likely to be happy and satisfied with their life. (Dudley 2). The reason for this is that they typically have a more successful and high-paying job than high school graduates. To conclude, the long-lasting healthy habits of those who have been to college reveals how much of an impact education is on your
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