Argumentative Essay On Cloning

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Katia Vergara
English Honors, Period 1

Cloning is a crucial advancement in life, not only to the modern world, but also reaching far ahead into many future generations to come. Scientists believe it is the key to finding remedies for hard-to-cure diseases. Cloning is not one, but two differentiated procedures, one being the way of creating wide-ranging medicine and the other creating two identical babies. Taking into consideration how prominent biotechnology has become in recent years, cloning I my crucial analysis of the subject seems to bring the farthest advances and potential.
Cloning can be helpful to those who. “The hope is that cells can be generated to cure these types of diseases where one cell has gone wrong. The growth and transplant of new nerve cells would help with Parkinson’s, the growth cells to produce more insulin for diabetics, and new heart muscle for those suffering from heart disease.” –MCB181 Honors Biology Group 1. Taking the risk of this cloning procedure cannot only extend a person’s lifetime but can also save their life from having to worry about reoccurring organ problems. The medical application of this achievement, benefiting an immense amount of people, is the therapeutic use of cloning. “It has already been shown that stem cells can be used to generate tissues and cells for specific areas of the human body. This can potentially allow for customized transplantation therapies and the repairing of damaged or diseased tissues in the body by replacing them with suitable cloned cells.” MCB181 Honors Biology Group 1. This procedure can allow transplantation therapies and repair damaged or diseased tissues in the body by replacing them with suitable cloned cells. Repairing and helping the cells in the hum...

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...iments and procedures are done to meet goals and improve our skills.
Cloning, for whatever matter, is purposely for the research of new beginnings for the environment and provides a well-structured development for future generations. Cloning is not only beneficial to humans for their problematic systems, but can also alter or modify them enough to gain precise information for new advancements. Although it can be risky and plain out seem unethical, there is always that point of taking that step to help a person’s life through medicinal cloning purposes. Cloning is not possible without an approach that is good enough to satisfy the needs of others through these experiments. Now, would you refer to cloning as a way to take away the name of humanity as we know it or to save a life and become better and the best at what we do because we have the right materials to do so?
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