Argumentative Essay On Classical Music

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Is Classical Music Cool? I think Classical Music is great. I enjoy classical music because it helps me to think. I listen to classical music on a everyday basis: when I’m studying, doing chores, or even working. I even like listening to classical music in my leisure time because it makes me feel good. I also have experience with playing some classical pieces. I know how to play two instruments: the clarinet and piano. After my first few piano lessons at ten years old, I started to develop an interest in playing music. I started learning the Clarinet at fourteen years old through the Ka’u ‘Ohana Band, a community concert band started by Cinnie Decker (a retired band teacher), and at the beginning of this year, I became the music director of the Ka’u ‘Ohana Band. We recently decided to change the name to the Ka’u Concert Band. The band rehearses at St. Jude’s Episcopal Church, a local Church in the community of Ocean View. Besides playing classical music, the Ka’u Concert Band has also played some marches and some jazz arrangements. After gaining some experience in playing and practicing classical music, I started noticing that classical music was not everyone’s favorite genre. Many people find classical music boring. This has led me to come up with an important question: “is classical music cool or lame?” Classical music may seem boring because of the way concerts are given, keeping up with the classical music protocol: no clapping between movements, no moving or twitching, and being perfectly silent. While most people acknowledge that classical musicians are highly skilled, the overall atmosphere of a classical concert can be seen as a vibe killer. The next issue is the music itself. In ... ... middle of paper ... ...rom Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata (Piano Sonata no.14) to some of Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos, each piece of music has a unique message that the composer is trying to get across. Even though some people do have negative feelings toward classical music, I know that it’s underrated. If I was to give any advice I would say: give classical music a chance. Really listen to it, not as background music but as something that requires the listener to follow a unexpected world of wonder with complexities and nuance. Who knows, maybe others will start enjoying classical music the same way I do. Works Cited: Bakker, Tim. “Band Benefits.” , 20 Aug. 2014, McDaniel, John. “Negatives of Music in School.” ,

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