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Is Classical Music Cool?
I think Classical Music is great. I enjoy classical music because it helps me to think. I listen to classical music on a everyday basis: when I’m studying, doing chores, or even working. I even like listening to classical music in my leisure time because it makes me feel good. I also have experience with playing some classical pieces. I know how to play two instruments: the clarinet and piano. After my first few piano lessons at ten years old, I started to develop an interest in playing music. I started learning the Clarinet at fourteen years old through the Ka’u ‘Ohana Band, a community concert band started by Cinnie Decker (a retired band teacher), and at the beginning of this year, I became
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Many people find classical music boring. This has led me to come up with an important question: “is classical music cool or lame?” Classical music may seem boring because of the way concerts are given, keeping up with the classical music protocol: no clapping between movements, no moving or twitching, and being perfectly silent. While most people acknowledge that classical musicians are highly skilled, the overall atmosphere of a classical concert can be seen as a vibe…show more content…
Also, some music programs teach the history of classical music and the reality of how complex playing classical music really is. Without this knowledge, it’s no wonder why so many people have no appreciation for classical music.
Classical music is a very complex subject. I think in order to really enjoy classical music, one has to be familiar with certain details to really show appreciation. The first thing to realize is that classical music is one of the most difficult types of music to perform. Classical performers have to spend hours practicing and performing. Classical music requires the ability to play scales, high end technique for certain virtuosic passages, and really good memory. Another important thing to know is some of the history involved with classical

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