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I think classic rock is the best because it is true classic music. It is what started all rock of today. Classic rock is better than most rock days because it sounded way better back when the classic rock bands were popular. Today the “classic rock” is not as good as it was. Bands like Nirvana, The Beach Boys, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Queen, Pink Floyd, etc, are the bands that started it all.
Today classic rock is basically extinct you could say. Most kids now listen to rap, pop, and other music genres. Classic rock bands most all of the time had a message in their songs. Now most music today is about bad things or just plain stupid things. Classic rock bands tried to get people to relate to their songs. Some of the classic rock songs were about pain and love.
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They didn’t have anyone else writing their music for them like artist today. Like if a band came out with a song and it was about going through pain and stressful times, that is because that is what they were going through not what someone else was going through.
Classic rock albums had really art on them. Nowadays there is always some trashy looking guy or girl on the front and it’s just saddening. There was always something new. There was never the same looking album cover on and album. Now all of the album covers look the same.
Another reason why classic rock is the best is because you had to be talented to become famous. If you are vocally or musically talented now you have to be physically attractive to make it big. Now if you are pretty and have no musical talent you can throw in a lot of autotune and be “talented”. For example Steven Tyler, he was never really a attractive guy. He couldn’t just wake up one day and be pretty. He made it big for his talent. Same thing with the lead singer of Nirvana, Kurt Cobain. If you’re not attractive you might as well kiss your talent goodbye and find something else to do with your

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