Argumentative Essay On Cigarettes

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Experiencing the death of a loved one is never easy, especially when the cause is something self-inflicted, such as cigarettes. Imagine if that loved one was your parent or even worse, your own child. Now, imagine watching the demise and physical incapacities that transpire while you see them deteriorate right in front of you. Feel the anger that would coarse through your veins if you were to see an add that glamorized such deadly instruments, particularly once you realize that the areas being marketed are lower class. Cigarettes are legal killers that cripple many individuals and families alike. They are a highly addictive substance that benefit no one. I am against cigarettes in every capacity as I have dealt with the effects of it on a personal level. Cigarettes leave a distaste in the mouth literally and figuratively. I am also a firm believer that…show more content…
By narrowing in on areas like this, the tobacco companies are insinuating that the residents who reside there are imbeciles. If society as a whole could educate and encourage the individuals in these locations to strive for a healthier lifestyle and if the tobacco companies would stop influencing people, then I think we could witness an overall better quality of life in general. The more education people have the more knowledgeable they become. The more encouragement people get the more empowered they become. The more empowered people get the more productive they become. The more productive the people the more prosperous the community. Less children would go to school sick because there would be less second hand smoke. Less children would go to school hungry because there would be more money for food in the household. More children would perform better academically because of more substance in their life. Families would be happier, healthier, and hopefully live longer to instill their values in the next generation—Break the
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