Argumentative Essay On Childhood Obesity

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When young children see an advertisement online or on television about their favorite cartoon character eating at McDonalds, they are easily persuaded to go get food from there. McDonald 's uses techniques such as selling toys with kids meals to get more customers. In addition, individuals usually do not comprehend this issue of concern until their child has become obese. One of the reasons why parents tend to eat fast food instead of home cooked meals is because of its cheap, easy, and not time consuming. However, taking children to eat out all the time is a huge reason many children become obese in the U.S. Childhood obesity has become a widespread predicament because not only does it lead to countless health problems, but it also increases morbidity and mortality. Electronic devices and…show more content…
For instance, a TV commercial will propagandize a happy meal, which comes with a toy and parents and children will be conned into believing that it is okay to eat the meal, but it actually is very unhealthy. Moreover, how this matter affects young children is that once they become overweight and are close to becoming obese, it tremendously affects their health and leads to issues such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and some forms of cancer (Impact of Food, 2015). Research has shown when children see advertisements for food, it is proven to be an increase for childhood obesity (Impact of Food, 2015). Social Media convinces children in numerous techniques because they are exposed to different types of companies advertising their food. For example, when children are surfing through Facebook an ad would say complete this survey for a free coupon. When children see things that are free they are entitled to click on that link. Companies’ profit from people taking surveys because it makes them as a whole get better at their restaurant and tempts people to eat
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