Argumentative Essay On Child Labor

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America has seen child work as a bad, im not disagreeing. it is wrong when children (5-12 of age) are working long hours, or doing hard labor. but when-as adults call them- minors, would like to start a money saving process ,we can't till we turn 16- in most places. most feel it would be more efficient to start a job at a younger age such as 14.some cases children are being abused by a family member and would need an escape. in some foreign countries making child labor illegal would just cause more poverty. if there is a family in poverty and there last resort was to put a child to work then that money thats made would be benefiting the child. probably for school or food.but only the worst child labors such as prostitution or drug dealing are linked to great poverty.“As the United States enters the 21st century, the depth and breadth of society’s most insidious ills continue to affect children profoundly. Racism, poverty,violence, and abuse of alcohol and other drugs impinge on the life of every child in the United States. Children are influenced by the society in which they are born and raised; they, in turn, influence society.”David Liederman. this quote shows how much children influence the world. To an extent, child labor would be considered as “good”. An economist might perceive child labor as “good” because child labor does indeed benefit the economy. Child labor leads to cheaper and a wider range of goods and services in the economy, which can eventually benefit the consumers, firms, and the government of society. The consumers benefit from child labor because they can consume goods and services at a cheaper price. The firms benefit from child labor because they make more profit due to cheaper production cost. And last... ... middle of paper ... ...ork. Therefore it is important to distinguish between light duties that do no harm to the child and child labour, which is work that interferes with compulsory schooling and damages health and personal development, based on hours and conditions of work, child’s age, activities performed and hazards involved. in my opinion child labor in alright and when you think about it it would help society and the families in poverty.say the family has 5 kids but could only afford to fed 2 so the older ones would help to bring in money to feed their younger siblings . it would also be a good contribution to the money industry . yes there are lines that need to be drawn and there are some that can be crossed there are things that could go wrong but if the family puts the child there then that is there fault . me personally i think it is ok in some ways but not all.
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