Argumentative Essay On Brown Vs. Board Of Education

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Brown vs. Board of Education What is the Event about? This event is about: Oliver Brown, a father who wanted the best for his daughter education, Harry Briggs Jr, a student that was tired of getting to school late and dirty because the whites school bus would splash them, Dorothy E. Davis, another student who was tired of sitting up in class because the whites had all the chairs, Francis B. Gabhart . They were all complaining about how African American adults and kids were not treated the same way as White People were treated even after coming out slavery. White people had the opportunity to go to school, ride in buses sit down during class. While black people did not have that chance; and if they did they would sent more time clean …show more content…

Some black children were given old, nearly destroyed textbooks to use to study. Many people said that they had no problem with segregation and thus saying “Separate, but equal”. Some of the White southerners believed that if the Blacks were allowed to attend the same school as the Whites, they would start to talk and get to know each other and date. Eventually they would even marry each other, obviously this frightened the White southerners But, many of the Black people chose to stand up and fight for their rights, Liberty, and Justice, Especially for the education of their children. They wanted to end segregation and eradicate it forever! Thus came the case of Brown V. Board of Education: a case that would determine the future of the acceptance of Blacks in whites schools and a case that the Blacks where determined to win. Nearly all the Black parents wanted better schools for their kids to learn. Unfortunately, the best places to learn were only at the white schools. Due to this the Blacks prayed, the fought, and they sang. There where many hardships and trials, most of the times the Blacks felt dejected, but they had faith that one day both Black and White, boys and girls would be able to attended the same school and learn

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how brown vs. board of education is about oliver brown, harry briggs jr., dorothy e. davis, francis b. gabhart, and others complaining about how african american adults and kids were not treated the same way as white people were treated after coming out slavery.
  • Explains that naacp (black educated men) got tired and demanded justice be done. lawyers brought class action lawsuits on behalf of black schoolchildren and their families in kansas, south carolina, virginia, and delaware. thurgood marshall was chief counsel for the plaintiffs.
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