Argumentative Essay On Bottled Water

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Bottled Water is not only dangerous to your environment, but to you and your body as well. There are many myths that accompany this topic, but the purpose of this paper is to give the clear cut facts on an important issue. Aside from it’s dangers to your wallet, its affects on your body and environment are astonishing. For years bottled water has been viewed as a convenient and “safe” alternative to lugging around a big thermos or drinking the water from your tap. In reality, actual safe alternatives to bottled water include a refillable water bottle, a distiller, or a filter. All of these options not only can save you future health problems due to dangerous chemicals in the packaging of bottled water, but also help to save a lot of money.…show more content…
At least 25% of bottled is actually tap water that has been bottled near the distribution point. The reality is that tap water is being packaged into water bottles and sold as being “purified” or straight from serene mountains and icecaps. Approximately 2.5 million gallons of municipal tap water each year are bottled and sold throughout the United States (Shapley). Ironically, the most highly monitored supply of water is the municipal tap water system. The reason it’s monitored so closely is because of the threatening effects that untreated bacteria can have on the body. For example, city tap water can’t have any trace amounts of E.Coli or fecal coliform. E. Coli is a dangerous strain of bacteria found in the intestines of humans and animals, that can cause severe food poisoning. Fecal coliform is another bacteria found in the digestive tracks of humans and animals that can cause harmful ear infections and hepatitis, just to name a couple. On the other hand the FDA does not require bottled water companies to adhere to these standards. Bottled water is allowed to have a certain amount of these harmful bacteria present. In addition to that shocking standard, much is not done by water companies to prevent the spread of this harmful bacteria. Water plants must test for coliform just once a week, while big-city tap water must be tested over 100 times a month (Olson, 1999). This ratio is truly outstanding. Bottled water companies are feeding its customers lies that its water is as pure as the “rivers” and “mountains” it comes
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