Argumentative Essay On Bilingual Education

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Living in a diverse community has made daily life an interesting experience by constantly adapting to new cultures and languages. The individuals who have acquired an additional language, other than their native language, are known as bilinguals. With the number of bilinguals increasing year after year, individuals are left to question the importance of bilingual education. Bilingual education is the method of teaching using two languages to give a student a concrete understanding of the material. Bilingual education has become a controversial topic where some feel like bilingual education is of great importance and others strongly disagree. In my opinion, Bilingual Education is an exceptional method of teaching with countless benefits for…show more content…
Bilingual programs have unfortunately not been as successful as they were intended to. In order for these programs to become successful, the community must understand what the intensions of these programs are. According to Lynn Malarz “… the primary goal of bilingual education is not necessarily to teach English or a second language, but to teach children concepts, knowledge, and skills through the language they know best and reinforce this information through the second language.” Having a concrete understanding of materials during the early years of schooling is extremely beneficial. Understanding the basic concepts of subjects in two languages gives children the ability to make multiple connections between the languages and grasp concepts quicker. As a child, bilingual education offers academic advantages. Mathew Lynch states that children “are also able to demonstrate higher levels of cognitive flexibility, or the ability to change responses based on environment and circumstances.” Students with the ability to process concepts thoroughly will become excellent problem solvers as well as deep thinkers. Bilingual education does not only benefit students in the classroom it also benefits them as they become adults and transition into adult…show more content…
Jobs are seeking bilingual individuals to become a part of their team because they find themselves in a language barrier between the company and customer. I believe that supporting dual language programs will allow the students to not only become academically successful but also remain fluent in their native language. Being bilingual will allow them to communicate with a larger range of their peers and become more likely to receive job offers or promotions. Companies are looking for new ways of providing ideal products to their customers, this would be impossible to do with the language barrier many companies find themselves in. For instance, Bilal Kalkan states that “Employing bilinguals also helps in exploring new avenues with new clients from around the world for a company.” I also believe that maintaining the dual programs for an extensive period will ensure fluency for the children in both languages. Ensuring fluency in both native and second language is important for the community to remain a diverse

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