Argumentative Essay On Babysitting Younger Siblings

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Volunteer- Babysitting younger siblings I wirte that this is a 'volunteer' position, but it really is just a responsibility that is laid upon me. I don't mind babysitting my younger brother and sister, but sometimes it is HARD. My sister is two years younger than me, and my brother is four years oyunger than me. They are getting to the point that they probably don't ned me to babysit them, but I do it anyways. Part of babysitting is knowing how to administer first aid for just about anything. Boy scouts has taught me most of the first aid I know, but I have taken classes on CPR. I guess I am always worried in the back of my mind when I am Baby sitting my siblings. This makes me come off as being cranky or up-tight, when in fact, Im just trying to look out for my siblings. Sometimes they might be irritable or acting stubborn, so my jod gets even harder. I have to tell them what to do without upsetting them. Babysitting has helped me gain a more positive relationship with my siblings and I think we get along better when we constantly have to rely on each other…show more content…
Volunteer- Hosea House The Hosea House provides food for people who have fallen on hard times. Many cannot afford to buy food, so they come to the Hosea House where we helped serve food to them. The meal was spaghetti and meatballs. Just by looking at the faces of the people, I could tell that they were extremely thankful. I don’t know if I have ever felt so good as when I was one of the people responsible for helping put a smile on their faces. My entire family and I did this together, and I was a great experience. I got to see what it was like to be homeless, or starving, or just really poor. Honestly, I was a bit life changing. I almost wanted to cry because I felt pity for these people and also seeing how happy the were despite their current condition. Sadly, I have only been able to serve at the Hosea House once. I want to do it
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