Argumentative Essay On Babies Having Babies

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Babies Having Babies More and more, teenage pregnancy is becoming a common thing in society. While certain people do not have a problem with teenagers becoming mothers at such a young age, it is still a highly controversial topic today. People do not think teenagers are financially nor responsibly mature for a child. Many forget that teenagers are children themselves and as such should not have a child of their own. The ad I posted conveys to this message quite well. The ad is making an argument that teenage pregnancy is something that should be taken with caution. It is expressing ethos, pathos and logos. The image has a credible source to back up the information in the New York City area which is ethos, it gives emotion because of the worried…show more content…
It is using the credibility of the Human Resources Administration Department of Social Services. It is credible because of the many known departments and work it has done throughout the New York City area. People can have a tendency to listen to things if it is told to them through known organizations or speakers. While it may not be very credible for people outside of the New York area, for citizens living there it is giving info about sources surrounding their communities. The Human Resources Administration Department of Social Service is known in this specific ad as having a controversial stance on the concepts of teenage pregnancy. It gives a person statistics and shows the reader what the consequences of their actions will have on their unborn…show more content…
It is for people getting ready to have a baby at this very moment or thinking about having a child of their own even though they are only in their teen years. This ad is very controversial, so it could have been read from audiences all around the world with different interpretations. For example, many believe that the ad is directed towards people who have had a child or are about to have one, rather than referring to people in general who have these thought rather they be young or old. People may be opposing towards the ad and say that teenagers are able to make their own life choices and that they will care for their child’s well-being. Others who are not even pregnant will feel that the ad is towards them in some way. The text can be very miss leading in the ad as well so people may confuse the words feeling that the ad is attacking them for being pregnant when in reality, it is stating that 9 times out of 10, a teenage mother will have to raise a child be themselves. The color of the child’s skin may also make the reader feel like the ad is applying to them specifically. Since the child’s skin tone is black, a parent from a white household will feel that they will not have to raise a child by

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