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Autism is extremely common but a complex disorder. I have a cousin who was diagnosed with autism at a very young age. He is just two months older to me. Whenever all of my cousins would meet during a get together, he would hardly talk to anyone. He would be engaged in his own work or would be engrossed in his phone. He used to have a lot of problem in socializing while I could make new friends in just one chat. Both of our lives were like two distant poles. Then I didn’t meet him for the next couple of years. When I finally met him during a wedding, he seemed like a totally different person. I asked his mom about the noticeable change in him. She told me about all the advancement in technology that helps people with autism in learning and how…show more content…
It majorly affects the person’s social and communication skills. Impaired social interaction, verbal and non – verbal communication, restricted and repetitive behaviour are among the characteristics in autistic children. Rates of autism have skyrocketed over the years, from an estimated 1 child in 3,000 to just 1 in 150 kids today . Autism is a broad range of disorders that stretch from mild to severe. There might be many theories related to autism but no definite solutions. There are many types and categories because of the broadness of the disorder. There are no specific treatments that can cure autism. People diagnosed with autism share certain difficulties which affect each one differently. This is called as spectrum condition. Some people with autism have independent lives but there are a few who may have learning disabilities and need a lifetime of specialist support. Some people may also experience over or under sensitivity towards the five major senses – sound, touch, taste, smell, light or colour. Different names for autism: • Autism or autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) • Kanner autism • Pervasive developmental disorder…show more content…
It is problematic for these people to understand the concept of danger, prepare for change and also plan for the future. It is challenging for them to cope with new or unfamiliar situations. But at the same time many people with autism are very creative and some of them are also accomplished artists, musicians and writers. Characteristics of Autism: People with autism may have: • Love for routines: They find the world a very confusing and an unpredictable place because they are used to a fixed timetable. Their route of travel is also the same. Any change in their timetable makes them very aggressive. • Sensory sensitivity: An Autistic person’s senses are either intensified (hypersensitive) or under sensitive (hypo – sensitive). Someone might find loud sounds very disturbing. This can even cause them physical pain. • Special interests: A special interest in an autistic person may seem unusual. These people start finding their interests from a fairly young age. Some people may like to learn different languages. They would watch regional channels and eventually learn the

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