Argumentative Essay On Arranged Marriage

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Marriage is not a simple milestone; universally, potential soul mates are everywhere. However, why are there several individuals who either do not take marriage seriously or do not get married at all? It’s facile to love someone, but compatibility, trust, common backgrounds, and family input are key to a successful marriage. Statistics Canada confirms 4 in 10 marriages result in divorce. However, places where arranged marriages are practiced have a much higher success rate. The divorce rate in these places is only at an estimate of 4%. Arranged marriages occur by having two individual families seek a suitor with the same background and cultural views, and having the potential bride and groom meet up to take notice if there are any sparks between…show more content…
They were formerly perceived here in the western society, but that view was abolished in the 18th century. Divorce rates are lower in arranged marriages, however that could be due to social stigma around the areas where arranged marriages are practiced. Unfortunately, arranged marriages are not widely seen in the western society, and due to the lack of tying in social backgrounds and compatibility, various individuals get married without recognizing the actual connotation of marriage. Arranged marriages should be brought back to the western community as not only are the divorce rates lower, but there are also countless concerns taken into account when considering an ideal partner. To support this argument I will further demonstrate the types of arranged marriages that are commonly presented, the negative and positive outcomes of an arranged marriage, potential stigmas, and how arranged marriages have changed and have become more successful over time. In addition, I will present a few case studies where the individuals embody arranged marriage and I will describe the outcomes of these marriages in order to support my argument as to why arranged marriages should be a social norm…show more content…
Another disadvantage is couples do not know one another as well as they should. Where arranged marriages are commonly seen today, divorce due to unhappiness is not commonly practiced and due to social pressure the couple is obligated to stick together even though they are not content with one another. The final limitation is the husband 's side of the family plays a large role in the marriage. From time to time family can draw rifts between a couple if what the in-laws want is not being done, “Statistics show that meddling in-laws are a huge issue of contention in many marriages” explains Natasha, who talks about statistics of arranged

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