Argumentative Essay On Animal Testing

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Argumentative Essay: Animal Testing The world is full of chemicals and companies trying to make the most “bang” for their buck. What most people don 't know is that behind most large manufacturing companies sits poor tortured animals rotting away in cages being used for the experimental needs of humans. In the United States alone 100 million animals are used on yearly bases. (Shell Ethics) Animal testing is NOT needed for any reason-it’s killing animals, it’s cruel, and alternative methods are available. Many over look those facts, have accepted that it happens, and needed to insure safety. First, how animal testing works? Researchers/scientist have the animals set into “tiers” rats are first, if those tests are successful then they will move on to the next set. The next “tier” of animals are small mammals (dogs, cats, rabbits, and monkeys), if these tests are successful then they will start human testing. After these trials, they think that most of the mistakes should have been worked out by then and they know that the tests are now not going to be fatal to the person (Murnaghan). Many people don 't know that most of these animals that are used in labs, were also born and raised there as…show more content…
They are fundamental research, genetic modification, and regulatory testing. Each one has a different purpose to sever the human race. Fundamental research is used for just testing out interesting scientific questions such as how long does it take to get cancer from cigarettes. Over the last 20 years these types of tests have only found about 5% of success in animals, but end up having a 100% fail rate in humans(Cruelty-Free Kitty). So, lots of animal lives are going for an unusual cause. The next type of test is genetic modification, everyone knows that genetic modification is something that has become super popular lately. Animals are getting

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