Argumentative Essay On Animal Testing

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Animal testing is the unethical process of forcing unwilling living creatures into often painful or deadly experiments. This process of animal torture is allowed to continue because society’s attitude about animals is very mixed. Many people regard animals- commonly dogs, cats, birds and fish- as their pets and “family members” while companies view test animals as a renewable source of income. So it is believable that among the most commonly tested animals are dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, and small animals with similar human anatomy. Thusly animal testing has been used for the production of drugs and cosmetics in their safety checks prior to being released in the market for consumers because consumers have not cared enough about the safety of “lower” life forms they don’t consider their own family to speak up for their basic rights and freedoms. Due to the excessive and sometimes inhumane treatment of animal test…show more content…
The chemistry and biochemistry of animal versus human reactions are widely varied and different from each other. This renders animal testing unreliable. “According to the United States General Accounting Office, 52% of the new drugs marketed between 1976 and 1985 caused adverse reactions that were not predicted by animal studies”. While these numbers have decreased in recent eras, there is no doubt that the incidence of reactions occurring after product testing is still relatively high. Our society has been utilizing animal testing for centuries and it is currently considered the “default method” for research so its understandable that finding new methods to test and research products is difficult, but it is completely possible and should be done to stop animal suffering and to assure that the testing being done is worthwhile and will give accurate

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