Argumentative Essay On Adolf Hitler

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Adolf Hitler was a ruthless dictator of Nazi Germany, and he is known for the brutal concentration camps he implemented. The parliamentary democracy prominent in Germany after World War I came to an end with the rise of the Nazis. Adolf Hitler was then appointed chancellor on January 30, 1933. When Hitler came into power, Germany citizens lost all natural rights. On February 29, 1933, the government no longer had to get permission from parliament for officers to take action. The state did not have a say in matters, and the state took the first step to Adolf 's dictatorship. He formally became known as the Fuehrer. The Fuehrer principle stated that Adolf Hitler had a divine right, and his decisions were correct. Any person that stood against Hitler 's word stood against Germany itself. Hitler 's…show more content…
“They believed that the Jews were not just the followers of an abhorrent religious doctrine, or that the Jews had grabbed too much economic influence, or even that they were too intrusive in politics or culture: what made the Nazis hatred of the Jews so different is that they believed that the Jews were biologically and racially distinct and that there was a kind of biological struggle for dominance over the entire human race between the Jews and everybody else.” The view that the Jews were trying to dominate over the Nazi’s developed the idea of Nazi superiority. Every life was not sacred to the Nazi party, so they agreed to murder innocent citizens. The lives of the Jewish became a threat to Germany that must be eliminated, but the main cause of hatred was not the Jewish religion, it was based on the mindset that the Jewish were in a race for power. The overall reason for the retainment of the Jewish people came from Hitler’s mistrust. Hitler sent Jews to concentration camps that were even his allies. Once the prisoners were contained within concentration camps, they were mistreated using various inhuman

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