Argumentative Essay On Acid Rain

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Water Acidification Humans are inherently greedy, as a race humans seem to believe that everything around them exists to please them, to be used by them, to serve them. Unfortunately, the rest of the universe has not received this message. The world is deteriorating, humans are sucking the life out of it like a parasite in its host. Much of the damage is irrevocable, however with the support of scientists, an attempt can be made to alter the world to make it inhabitable, for humans and animals alike. Humans have been dumping their waste onto the planet and expecting no repercussions from their actions. "Water and air, the two essential elements on which all life depends, have become global garbage cans" Jacques Cousteau. Environmental chemistry, the study of chemical and biochemical phenomena that occur in the natural world, is a leading way for humans to understand their impact on the natural world according to the American chemical society(ACS).. Funds are…show more content…
It is particularly damaging to lakes, streams, forests, and the creatures that inhabit these ecosystems (EPA). The primary cause of acid rain is the oxidation of sulfur, nitrogen, and carbon compounds (Goyer). Acid rain is not only harmful to nature, but also to humans in a direct way, it accelerates the decay of building materials, including monuments or historic buildings. Acid rain is also harmful to human health, While acid rain cannot burn skin, it is linked to several indirect health effects (Boumis). Studies performed by scholars such as Dr. Goyer 's "Human Health Effects of Acid Rain," have shown that people with bronchial afflictions or asthmatic tendencies are more prone to episodes of bronchial discomfort or inflammation when exposed to the chemicals present in acid rain

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