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Abortion Abortion is a controversial topic all around the world. Many people believe that abortion is a woman’s right because it is her body and she should be able to make her own choice whether she wants to keep the baby. Whereas, many other people believe that it is inhumane to end the life of an unborn child and they also see it as violating human rights. I personally do not believe that abortion should be legal. To me, it is not morally and religiously right. The opposing side to my beliefs are that abortions should be legal. One point used stated that if we as a country made abortions more affordable and convenient lives of women all around the world could be saved. Unsafe abortions lead to the deaths of 47,000 women every year, with …show more content…

Women fear that their parents will kick them out, but with the right sources maternity homes will assist pregnant women with prenatal care, parenting education, counseling, and many other needs they may have. Some women say that their parents are forcing them to have an abortion, no one can legally force anyone to have an abortion. Forcing a minor to have an abortion is actually considered child abuse. Other women do not see the harm in an abortion, they see the child as “not being born yet”. Although the unborn child does not have legal rights under the law, the fetus is alive. By the sixth week of pregnancy the heart has started beating. By eight weeks brain waves can be measured. By twelve weeks the child can and does cry, though silently. By sixteen weeks the baby 's movements can be felt by the mother. Most of the time, many women bond with their unborn children long before they are born and feel a large sense of loss after an abortion. Others, may say that an abortion seems much more easy instead of pregnancy, however, the effects can last a lifetime. Abortion can leave women emotionally impacted for years. After having an abortion there are many symptoms, including depressing, nightmares, guilt, regret, avoidance of babies, and self-destructive behaviors. Abortions can even lead women to be permanently infertile (Terwilliger). Abortion is simply a human rights issue involving

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that abortion is a controversial topic all around the world. many people believe that it's humane to end the life of an unborn child.
  • Argues that women have a basic human right to decide what to do about pregnancy.
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