Argumentative Essay On Abortion

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In the United States, the topic of abortion is very controversial. On one hand, there are people that believe that every baby, no matter how developed, has the right to life no matter what instance the mother may find herself in. On the other, we have a group of people that are for the mother having the right to make the decision to terminate the baby’s life or to save it. Both sides pull arguments based on religion, politics and science to form their opinions on whether the termination of a baby’s life is just or unjust. No matter which side one might stand on, there are many reasons to explain whether it is permissible or not permissible. Mary Anne Warren and Judith Jarvis Thomson are two women that fight for the right to abortion. Despite the fact that they are arguing for the same thing, Warren fights for the right to abort no matter what the circumstance is, while Thomson argues for a mother’s right to choose in instances of rape, sickness, or even death of the mother. Warren’s main argument is that fetuses have no moral standing and do not count as humans. As the argument progresses, Warren takes argues against John Noonan. She says that he is…show more content…
Marquis argues with an A and a B that consequently create C. So if a fetus is 14 days or older, it has the ability to have a future like ours, and that it is wrong to kill a being with a future like this, therefore abortions are wrong. An objection to this set of arguments is the use of birth control. Marquis argues that birth control is okay because it is only the prevention of pregnancy, but not terminating an already created being. His argument would align that it is not okay to use plan B contraceptives however because that would be termination of a possible being, but he does not address here the line should be
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