Argumentative Essay On Abortion

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Over thirty million innocent lives have been terminated since abortion became legal (How Many Abortions Performed Since 1973, 2000). For the past forty-three years since Roe V. Wade made abortions legal. Abortion has been a controversial topic on why abortion is unethical in depriving an innocent life a chance of living. Although most people are prochoice and for abortion, society needs to know the reasons why it unethical. For each life that has been terminated since, abortion became legal it one less life that could have had a chance to be somebody like a doctor, nurse, teacher, maybe even a president. Abortion should be illegal because of the physical risks to the woman, the fetus is a human life and it is unethical to kill a fetus.
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Society is not realizing that the fetus is a human life in the process from the moment of conception, a life of an embryo begins. That means that when the sperm fertilizes the egg it is the beginning of a living organism otherwise known as a fetus. In the second week of pregnancy the embryo has developed the brain. By the time the fetus completes the third week, the fetus has developed eyes, ears, circulatory system and the heart; the strongest organ that makes part of the human race. At twenty weeks the fetus has developed his sexual organs that also makes him a human life, not to mention that at twenty weeks the fetus has a brain that stimulates his sensory nerves that the fetus is able to feel pain. For instance, here is a brief story from a nurse that witnessed an abortion. The mother was twenty-six in a half week into her pregnancy when she decided to abort because that doctor had told her the baby had down syndrome. As the doctor set up the ultrasound screen she could see the fetus heart beating. The doctor proceeded by grabbing the pincers and grabbed the fetus legs and pulled out the fetus out the birth canal leaving the head inside the uterus. As the doctor is performing the procedure the fetus little fingers are clasping and unclasping while kicking his little feet fighting for his life. The nurse describes what she had witnessed that day the most horrific thing she had ever experienced in all her…show more content…
To have an abortion is unethical to kill a fetus and think it is acceptable through the eyes of society. Evidently, pulling a fetus out with forceps or the suction machine and sticking scissors through the back of the fetus head is unethical. It is a violent act that is harmful to the fetus. In addition, to have the debate whether a fetus is a human or not is unethical, it is a form of life with potential. It is also unethical to terminate a potential life. “Abortion profanes the most mysterious act of creation we can know on this earth. It 's emblematic of the distorted orientation of our hearts and minds: the faithless heart that makes women want to emulate the "freedom" of the men who have abused or abandoned them” (King, 2006.,
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