Argumentative Essay On Abortion

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Abortion is something that has troubled our world for thousands of years. Most opposing arguments rely on the idea that a fetus is a person from conception and that we must treasure that. What makes this fetus a person? It does not really look, function, or act like a person, so can we really consider it a person? I have a hard time considering something so different from a person to be an actual person. I do not believe that the status of the fetus is all that relevant because it is quite hard to determine when a fetus becomes a person and so on. In this essay, I will argue that abortion is permissible when there is sufficient reasoning to perform one. Why is it that some people believe a fetus is a person from conception? It does not look …show more content…

This case would be like the case of the mother who wasn’t financially or emotionally ready. The future burden of this child on the mother’s life constitutes an abortion. Most antiabortionists can agree in some respect that in the case of a rape, a mother can abort the fetus. But if “all persons have a right to life, but that some have less of a right to life than others…that those who came into existence because of rape” must have less (Thomson 71). This sounds quite malice. Who decides what life is more or less important if these fetuses truly are persons? Philosopher Mary Anne Warren states that there are five traits that constitute personhood. These five concepts include consciousness, reasoning, self-motivated activity, the capacity to communicate, and the presence of self-concepts and self-awareness. A fetus that doesn’t even have a developed braid or body cannot fit into these categories. Warren also states that if 1 through 5 are correct, then genetic humanity is not necessary in establishing that something is a person. She believes that some humans are not persons and that non-humans can be considered persons. I do not agree that nonpersons can be humans, but I understand where she is coming

In this essay, the author

  • Argues that abortion is permissible when there is sufficient reasoning to perform one.
  • Explains why some people believe a fetus is human from conception. judith jarvis thomson once compared them to oak trees, so why are they considered humans?
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