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Abortion has been a controversy for several years now. Abortion was developed as early as 1500 BC it was approved by Greece and Rome. In 384-322 BC Aristotle stated “"... when couples have children in excess, let abortion be procured before sense and life have begun..." [86] In the latter days of the Roman Empire, abortion was considered not as a homicide, but as a crime against a husband who would be deprived of a potential child.” In the Western history, abortion was not considered a crime as long as it was performed before “quickening” which is between 13-25 weeks of pregnancy. By the 1800s abortion was legal, although it was not safe the United States prompted it. However, by 1821 Connecticut was the first state to criminalize abortion,…show more content…
The first patient is the mother, and she is the one who allows the pregnancy to happen or not.” They believe in the idea that the mother should have the decision over their body. They are protected by the Ninth Amendment, the government is not allowed to take away people’s rights if they are not written in The Constitution. They believe that abortion is not a murder if the abortion occurs within the first or second trimester of a pregnancy. They support their argument with the Roe v. Wade case that states, “broad enough to encompass a woman 's decision whether or not to terminate her pregnancy." This decision involved myriad physical, psychological, and economic stresses a pregnant woman must face.” There are certain reasons to why abortion has to be an option for women. Moreover, Pro-life argues how the fetus is in pain during the abortion process; however, Pro- choice contradicts this argument assuring that the fetus does not feel any pain during the process. According to a study from the University of California, San Fransisco in 2005, “ fetuses probably can 't feel pain until the 29th or the 30th week of gestation. Abortions that late into a pregnancy are extremely rare and are often restricted by state laws.” It is rare if an abortion occurs late through a pregnancy unless is an emergency. Nevertheless, abortion is supported by several…show more content…
Pro-life argues against abortion. They keep their word strong stating that no matter what the case is everyone should have an opportunity to live and only God can decide whether to take someone’s life. On the other hand, pro-choice did not lay back they strongly believe that women should have control over her own body, in that case she should be allowed to have an abortion or not. There are factors like health, religious, and the effect that a woman can deal with whether they decided to abort a baby or simply keep the baby. It just depends in the person moral and beliefs. One must have the sources and should be educated about abortion. It does not matter if they are for or against abortion knowing both sides will give a person an idea of what abortion is about or about Pro-life and

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