Argumentative Essay On Abortion

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Abortion is a very controversial issue in our society. It has also become one of the most discussed subjects of today, one that everybody has an opinion on. This issue has escalated to the point that the Supreme Court had to intervene and decide how the issue of abortion should be handled in America. The Merriam Webster dictionary defines abortion as “the termination or the removal of an embryo or fetus from the uterus in order to end a pregnancy”. Pro-life advocates argue that everybody has the right to life as soon as conception occurs. Conversely, proponents of abortion argue that women should be free to choose what is right for themselves and for their bodies, irrespective of the consequences. However, there are several points that can be made in spite of this decision that go for and against the right to abort. My position is that abortion is morally and conditionally permissible and the factors that support my stance include incidents in which rape results in pregnancy or cases when pregnancies are life-threatening. In my opinion, abortion requests should be approved conditionally under these extenuating circumstances.
In the first scenario, a woman has been sexually assaulted or raped and as a result of this she has become pregnant. When such an individual is denied the opportunity to opt out of the pregnancy through an abortion she has certainly been deprived a civil as well as a moral right. Additionally, according to Helen Reddy, who writes about others as well as her personal experiences with rape and conception, the child may always serve as a reminder of the painful and treacherous experience of her rape (Reddy). This perpetual emotional trauma might even result in her unwillingness to properly take appropriate care...

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... of homicide: one count for the mother and one count for the developing fetus. However, the issue of abortion brings the fetus’ liberties under scrutiny. The fetus’s mother ultimately has been deemed to have a superior right to her body than the fetus has to life. To protect mothers from unwanted pregnancies, and unwanted fetuses from substandard living conditions, a ruling was made that gave women the freedom to chose whether or not to continue with unwanted pregnancies. Like anything else within the so-called “moral grey area”, there are consequences that are implicit in either choice. Whenever a woman is faced with this difficult choice between keeping or disposing of her living, growing fetus, she is presented with two evils; between which she must choose the lesser. My opinion ultimately on the matter is that the lesser evil is dictated by the circumstances.
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