Argumentative Essay: Mom Is Always Right?

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As I woke up I heard my phone ringing over and over. Frightened I asked, “What time is it?” He replied, “Ten O’clock, uh oh.” We both looked at each other in fear. I reached for my phone as the screen lit up with another call from mom. I answered and she told me she knew where I was and I had an hour to get my butt home. At that moment I knew I was caught and I knew my punishment would be a big one. We’ve all heard that saying “mom is always right.” Some would agree, some would strongly disagree, but personally I agree with it in almost any situation. Now I would never admit that to my mom because I like to think that I’m right ALL the time, but I know I’m not and I’ve learned many, many lessons trying to prove that I was right. Including this…show more content…
Once you find the right one you have to make sure your parents like them and if they don’t things could easily go bad. I had a parent, my dad, who worked at my school so unfortunately he knew everything about every kid and he picked whom I could and could not talk to most of the time. I ended up meeting this boy that I thought was just perfect. He was one of the best looking guys at school (in my opinion). I had heard some bad stuff about this guy so I was not going to tell my parents about him just yet. Instead, I decided I would just sneak around with him until I knew things were getting serious between us. So that’s exactly what I did and of course my parents caught me, they aren’t stupid they knew what was going on, and I ended up getting in a lot of…show more content…
Let’s just say it didn’t go well and my parents said I could not be with him nor see him, ever. They really didn’t give him a chance and I was falling in love with him so guess what I did? I continued seeing him, being with him, and sneaking around with him. I went a while without getting caught but after a few months of course my parents found out and of course I was in some deep trouble again.
My parents threatened to take some very valuable things out of my life. They told me if I continued with these actions I would not be able to cheer, see my friends, or even go to the same school! At the time I honestly thought they would never do such thing. Cheer was my life and I had some of the best friends I could ever ask for and I would lose both if I had to go to a different school. I pretty much ignored what my parents said and saw this boy anyway. My parents went through with their punishments they had
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