Argumentative Essay: J. Cole's 'Crooked Smile'

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Synthesis and Argumentative Essay Art is known to send a message or convey a certain image throughout the piece. There are many forms of art, for example music, films, pictures, paintings, statues, and many more. Art is something that is made to express one's creativity, and in most cases to administer a specific message or image, express emotions, challenge the norms of society, or to address a problem. Music is a popular form of art in which one uses their creativity to express their emotions, tell a story, and confront an issue. J. Cole is a perfect example of a musician that uses their lyrics to communicate critical obstacles facing himself and people today. J. Cole has a number of songs…show more content…
Cole’s work is a form of art, many know art is typically viewed differently depending on who is analyzing it. Some may think the only message behind “Crooked Smile” is self love and inner beauty, but when you analyze all aspects of the piece you may come to a different conclusion. J. Cole’s music video for “Crooked Smile” sends a very different message than the lyrics. The video starts off with Cole in the back of a cop car crying. Then it starts with Cole getting the house ready for a birthday party and then it shows a different home where a white man is eating breakfast with his daughter. The video continues to go back and forth to Cole and the other man’s life, Cole handling marijuana and the white man putting on his DEA uniform and badge on. Cole’s parents and a little girl arrive at the house for her birthday party, shortly after the party and everyone goes to bed, the man (DEA) who was shown at the beginning of the video raides Cole’s home and puts him in handcuffs, while the DEA is checking the rest of the house one of the men shots and kills the 7 year old girl. The video goes back to the birthday party and shows the girl holding a sparkler and then the sparkler goes out (implying she had died) they show Cole struggling, very upset, crying over her being killed, as they carry the young girl out of the house the star spangled banner melody plays in the background. The man that was shown with his daughter was very torn up about the shooting, then it flashes back to…show more content…
Cole is a gifted and bright musician who does a great job of expressing emotions and rooting deep meaning within his lyrics. J. Cole’s song “Crooked Smile” represents the problems society faces with regards to women’s insecurities and the lack of self love in young women today. Society is trying to keep them down and make them feel lesser “You were the one that was tryna keep me way down, but like the sun, know you know I find my way back 'round” the hook explains how they still raise again like the sun does everyday. Cole uses “Crooked Smile” to address the problem and reassure women that they are beautiful and loved the way they are. Cole empowers women and confronts the issues within society that are still relevant

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