Argumentative Essay: Is Andrew Carnegie A Hero?

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During the 1900’s the media and public eye never thought to question Andrew Carnegie’s motives. Andrew Carnegie wanted people to see him as a caring person, and achieved this by giving large amounts of money to charity. However, the money donated wasn’t his own earnings. He maintained a good image in the media because he was always giving to charity; but what the people didn’t consider is where he got the money from. The question of whether or not Andrew Carnegie was a hero will rely on three important articles. A hero is someone who cares about doing what is best for the people rather than for themselves, they aren’t worried about how others view them, and are strong willed so that they will not change their minds when they’ve made a decision. Andrew Carnegie’s focus on money and fame combined with his duplicitous and hypocritical nature does not equal to hero; instead, he stole the rightful wages of his workers, defends…show more content…
“The man who dies disgraced”(Andrew Carnegie, 1889). What he means by this is instead of giving the money to your children give it to charity because giving money to your children is misguided affection. This evidence helps explain why Andrew Carnegie was not a hero because it shows how Andrew Carnegie only cared about the fame and how the public eye saw him. Carnegie did not donate because he believed that it was right instead he did it for the fame. “Wealth” written by Carnegie shows him defending his survival of the fittest way of earning money.Carnegie does this by saying that “The man who dies rich dies disgraced” (Carnegie, 1889) meaning that he believes that the rich man must give his money to the poor while he is still alive. The reason Carnegie says what he does is to improve upon his public image and doesn’t say it to be good but says it to look
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