Argumentative Essay: Gun Control In Schools

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When a student wakes up every morning and commences to prepare for school, the last thought they should be worrying about is if they could be caught in the middle of the crossfire between weapons within their own school. By allowing teachers to carry guns in school, there comes a plethora of discipline in the classroom considering teenagers are unpredictable. At any moment, a student could take possession of the hazardous weapon and cause chaos. In a recent article conducted by Michael Hansen, he stated accurate concerns that come with such an impactful decision. Hansen stated, “In fact, it is almost certain that easier access to guns in schools would pose a greater overall threat to student safety than the current threat of mass shootings in…show more content…
The topic of gun control in the United states, especially within schools, comes with a lot of controversy, and it is facile to distinguish someone’s view on the issue. Countless people cerebrate that there are simple solutions to the quandary of mass shootings, but Dewey Cornell stated that there isn’t and that we should be wary of conceptions that seem easy to fix. According to Hansen, he stated that “There are more mass shootings in restaurants than in schools, but no one has called for waitpersons to carry guns” (Cornell). This verbal expression causes a person to think about different scenarios that they are put into everyday life such as the frequency of bank robberies, but these employees in the banks aren’t asked to carry guns into work and utilize them. Why should we feel the need to train teachers in a field that they are not equipped in? Teachers are here to teach and make a positive impact on students, not to impact a student’s life in a negative way. Research has shown that the presence of more guns typically translates to more general gun violence and this would not be propitious within the school
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