Argumentative Essay For Vaccinate Children

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Two sides to every argument exist. The argument is whether to vaccinate children or not. Most parents vaccinate their children because they want to protect their children against preventable diseases. Others do not vaccinate their children because they want to protect them from the diseases the vaccine causes. At times it may be difficult to determine whether or not to vaccinate children. Whatever the issues, it is important to set the record straight on whether to vaccinate children or not, as their lives are at stake. The idea of preventing diseases has been around for over 1000 years. To ensure that children are protected in the best way possible against diseases, children should be vaccinated. In “Top Reasons to Get Vaccinated” by the…show more content…
The article states that “Vaccinations carry two risks, a risk the product will not work and a risk that the product will cause harm” (1). The article discusses that vaccines carry a risk for complications, such as inflammation of the brain, which can lead to chronic brain and immune system damage or even lead to death. The article also discusses high risk factors that have not yet been identified by medical science that can increase an individual’s susceptibility to the reaction of a vaccine. The article states that vaccines may provide temporary immunity, but sometimes fail to provide individuals with even short-term protection from infection (5). Because if a disease is circulating around in a community, then there is still a chance that a fully vaccinated person could catch the disease. There are significant gaps in the medical field about children, and the article discusses that “Children who are biologically at higher risk, can suffer vaccine injury and death” (2). These are children who have a family history of autoimmune disease, allergies or are born prematurely. In conclusion, it is best to find out about vaccines before going out and getting children vaccinated. Know the risks and failures of vaccinations, as they can cause harm and even
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