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While working in a rehabilitation center in San Diego, I had the opportunity to work with many different types of addicts and abusers. The one type of addict that truly stood out to me was drug addicts. There are so many different types of drugs in this world that it is overwhelming to hear that kids and teens today are experimenting with drugs such as, cocaine, meth, and other new forms of hybrids. Drugs are supposed to be prescriptive medication to help with illnesses and ailments. During the last 40 years, the meaning of drugs have changed. Going into high school or college, students are more prone to three main drugs: marijuana, adderall, and ecstasy. They are easily and readily available on campuses everywhere. This emphasizes the fact…show more content…
In all, taking drugs can make you forget about reality for a couple of hours, but when you come back into the “real-world” you will want an escape from it. As one starts growing up things begin to change. They interpret life differently, especially when brought into college. Students start meeting new people and begin to find common interest within one another. However, once you enter college, the influence of drugs is around every corner. Most young adults coming into college want to join the fraternities and sororities for either being social or for being professional. The abuse drugs in these “lifes” are over the radar. When entering the “Greek Life,” the fraternities and sororities say that they do not haze; however, they have underground hazing. It is not only them, but it is also could be some clubs and athletic teams on the campus. “Fraternities, sororities and even athletic teams and other clubs may include some form of hazing as part of their membership initiation rituals. Hazing nearly always involves [drugs] and alcohol to some extent. In the worst of cases, hazing can lead to alcohol…show more content…
When going to the library, during midterms and finals week, you hear people talking about how they need adderall to focus on their work. The amount of times I have heard, “Oh, yeah I know someone who can give it to you,” is ridiculous. You do not need adderall to focus. You just need to be isolated and not start talking about unrelated stuff. According to CNN, more than 90% of these people do this drug illegally (Yanes). This portrays that the since people can find it anywhere around a college campus, the rate of the drug use is increasing. Not only adderall is found easily, but also marijuana is the easiest drug to receive and seek around a college. You can just pay someone and they give you a good amount to smoke. The rate of access of Marijuana is approximately 30% (Truong). This illustrates that people can gain access to it anytime. In all, the cause of the trends of adderall and marijuana on a college campus is due to the fact that it is easily accessed by many college students who have the will to abuse the power of

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