Argumentative Essay: Basketball: The Game Of Basketball

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While growing up my friends and I played many different sports. The sport we played the most was basketball. 1 Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the United States. As we kept playing the game of basketball we began to take it serious. We practiced on our offense, defense, and playing as a team regularly every day. The more we practiced the better we got at all those things. To master the game of basketball you have to be able to be effective offensively, physically tough defensively, and be willing to be a team player.
Offense is one of the biggest keys to winning the game. On the offensive side of the game you have to be able to use the dribble, make shots, and assist others to the basket. Dribbling is an important factor on offense. Getting your defense to step back is the key to any offensive move. When dribbling you have to manage and secure the ball so the defenders won’t take the ball from you. The thing you have to do the most on offense is make shots. Putting yourself in a position to score means starting
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When playing defense your butt got to be down and you have to be able to stay in front of the guard and move your feet. When defending you have to find out the opposing guards weakness and use that as an advantage to your defense. Your hands have to be in the crossover lane if the guard is dribbling. When the offensive player take a shot your hands should be up contesting the shot. If you are away from the ball your hands should still be up playing the passing lane. If you’re under the goal while a shot got took box out offensive players to get the rebound and create offense for your team. The key to defense is to make it hard on the offensive player to score. The most successful defenders will have strong core muscles. Your hips, abs, and buttocks will be strong and help you be balanced and able to move quickly. These are the basic things you need to have to be a physically tough
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