Argumentative Essay Against Capital Punishment

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3 Capital punishment is a legal procedure in many states, however not all parties are in agreement to this procedure. Even though there are mixed reactions on capital punishment in the society, in my view, I am against capital punishment, because as I strongly believe that, death penalty is unacceptable and an inhumane act that denies one the right to live and does not deter crimes as suggested by those supporting it. For instance according to Carmical, capital punishment is morally justified and it can be used as a punishment for atrocious crimes (68). Capital punishment is an inhumane and immoral act that should be completely abolished in the society. First, this punishment violates a person’s right to life because the criminal is denied…show more content…
There is no justification whatsoever as to why a criminal activity should be paid with another crime, because that is exactly what capital punishment does. In addition, executing a criminal because he/she killed another person is like an act of revenge, yet vengeance has no place in our justice system and a wrong cannot be paid with a wrong. Therefore, let us note that, killing a criminal does not bring back the life of the victims, and it is just losing another life (Hanks 120). Therefore, pain cannot be healed through vengeance by capital punishment and so let us apply other punishment other than capital punishment because it brings no difference after the criminal has been put to death (Carpenter 60). Consequently, killing criminals cannot prevail over a crime nor bring back the life of the person who was killed by the person convicted of…show more content…
It has become a social issue in the society with some people in support while others are against it. The purpose of a punishment to a criminal is to change them or to teach them a lesson, yet capital punishment teaches the criminals nothing because they are killed. Therefore, this type of punishment should be scrapped because, it does not deter crimes, nor teach them since their lives are put to an end. There are other ways of punishing criminal and deterring crimes other that capital punishment and it better to imprison the criminals, other than killing them. Death penalty should be eliminated and other ways of punishment and deterrence instituted in its place because innocent lives are being lost at the same time people being denied their right to life. I resolutely believe that capital punishment should be eliminated because it is inhumane, immoral, and wrong and so are the methods used it its
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