Argumentative Essay About Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is a national holiday that is celebrated in the United States. It is celebrated once a year on the fourth Thursday in November. This is a day that families gather together with one another, and in most homes a roast turkey is served with gravy and several other common dishes such as, mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, fresh corn, oyster stuffing, bread stuffing, cranberry stuffing, fruit, cranberry sauce, salad, rolls, corn bread, vegetables of all sorts, apple pie, cherry pie, pumpkin pie and many other things. Traditionally, thanksgiving is looked at as a harvest festival. There are many parts of the United States that celebrate it in this way. It is the celebration and the thanksgiving of the crops that safely grew in the past…show more content…
On their voyage to establish settlement they experienced long, cold, hard, sleepless nights. All of the things that they had to go through on their journey made their first thanksgiving celebration that much more enjoyable and rewarding. It was a celebration of the first crop being successful after their settlement. They made a big meal and all ate it together to celebrate with one another. The holiday has changed to some degree over all of these years. Thanksgiving Holiday as I know it is all about family and sharing a large meal together. The idea of all contributing in making one big meal for everyone seems to bring the family together, in a way that may not happen too often during the rest of the year. Because of this, I feel as if thanksgiving is one of the holidays that us, Americans can cherish for more than just the meaning of the actual holiday, but for strengthening the relationships within your family as well. Thanksgiving for my family probably looks a lot like the thanksgiving for most families in the United States. My family always does their best to remember to give thanks for everything that we had that past year and everything that we have in general. From each other, to the house we are in to the food and the cars we drive. It is very valued in my family to give thanks before we indulge in the delicious meal that was prepared by so many different
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