Argumentative Essay About Tattoos

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When I was growing up, I was always told that if I got a tattoo I would be kicked out of the house. I did not understand why the thought of me having a piece of art on my body upset my parents, more so my father, to the point they would render me homeless. I was never given an exact reason why tattoos upset them so much, only assumptions of what tattoos would do to me. I was told that tattoos made people think bad things of others, they made you look like you did not have respect for yourself, and they were only available in dingy tattoo shops that old overweight creepy guys that sat around smoking and drinking worked at. That scared me not only physically but emotionally. For so long I was scared to even look at someone with tattoos…show more content…
At any time I have the ability to hide all four tattoos without a problem. The first tattoo I got I did hide from my parents for almost a year. When they found out it was a real tattoo I did not get kicked out, however, I was told about how I had disappointed them. Working in a pharmacy I have to look professional and sometimes it is uncomfortable for me. My tattoos are not offensive in nature, yet in the hot summer heat I have to wear long sleeve shirts and sweat. If society was more accepting of my tattoos, I might have the ability to not have to wear long sleeves in the heat. I find some people’s choice of clothing, or lack there of to be tasteless to myself yet I do not tell them they cannot wear those clothes in public. Tattoos have been around for over 5,000 years they are not something new, yet society still treats them like they are. Their new found popularity should be celebrated amongst everyone. You do not have to get a tattoo to be accepting of the fact that others have them. If tattoos were more openly accepted by society, there would be less of a social divide amongst each other. Tattoos are just another medium of art, we are told to embrace art and to evolve as human beings. Part of that process is to accept all forms of art without excluding one, just because you think it might be

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