Argumentative Essay About Poverty In America

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I’m not here to argue whether there is poverty in America or not, but to tell you that there happens to be people out there who struggle. Sure American Citizens are better off than others in foreign countries, but some Americans fight the same battle as the others. The struggle to achieve the “American Dream” is very hard and not many get the opportunity to live it. Many low-income families who seek the same goal of getting out of poverty never manage to get out. It sounds bad, but not many may go to college due to money being tight and thus they work a minimum paying job and live in the cheapest housing affordable. Many neighborhoods that are cheap have poor teaching public schools. With poor education and a bad neighborhood a cycle begins and the next generation will most likely end up growing in the same neighborhood.…show more content…
Those born into poverty will most likely grow up to be poor once they reach adulthood while the rich kid will grow up to become rich (Garland 130). Many financially stable parents will tend to spend more time and money onto their child 's education while the low-income families struggle to pay for the bills. With no struggle, the middle-class will send off their child to college to get a better education while the low-income family will more than likely not be fortunate enough to send their child to college.
On the other side of the quarter, Freeman argues that everyone in America is not poor, just lazy and entitled. Yes there are people who take advantage of welfare but the real working class struggles everyday to make it to tomorrow. America does have benefits that other countries do not have access to but it does little to nothing to help out the bottom class. Many Americans still struggle to support a standard of
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