Argumentative Essay About Marijuana

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Just last year, more than twenty-five million United States citizens have used it. Everyday about six thousand more Americans try it for the first time. It has become a growing aspect of everyday life for many individuals, and its use is continually debated. Marijuana, both for recreational use and medical use, is one of the most commonly used drugs in the United States, and there are many different opinions that revolve around this drug. It remains a highly controversial topic for much of the United States because of its origin and how it has changed over time. In depth studies on marijuana reveal that, although some problems exists, there are medical qualities contained in the drug, a large part of the United States back its use up, and…show more content…
A common myth continually discussed is if marijuana were legal more people would use it (Fine). A previous test done in Portugal tried this. Portugal put it to the test in 2011 and legalized not only marijuana, but all drugs. The result was that drug usage dropped in all ages (Fine). Another misconception is that law enforcement is not in favor of legalization. Many police departments say they have bigger problems than marijuana such as domestic violence, poverty, and meth. They want to focus on the serious crimes, which also proves that cops believe marijuana is not as big of an issue as the government once tried making it…show more content…
These issues are countered with restrictions and statistics that aid in the passing of marijuana’s use. Medical marijuana is regulated in four ways (Lynne-Landsman). The first is a patient identification card, or medical card. The second is the state regulation of the practice of medicine. Third is regulating the access of marijuana, including possession and cultivation. The last is the legal protection for the medical marijuana patients. The only way one can regulate the access is to be a licensed caregiver. The qualifications of a caregiver consist of being at least 18 years of age and having the responsibility for managing the health of a patient that was diagnosed with a debilitating illness. A caregiver can only handle the marijuana, not smoke it, unless they are a licensed patient too. This helps enforce that strict rules that are in place and regulates marijuana use further. There are also guidelines on the chemical strength present in marijuana. High potency marijuana, which is anything over thirteen percent THC, consistently impairs executive function and motor skills. THC significantly impairs the performance of selected recreational marijuana smokers in a critical tracking task (Ramaekers). This shows that marijuana does impair driving, but that is why
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