Argumentative Essay About Makeup

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The topic I have chosen to address as a symbol is makeup. Makeup seems pretty basic to most, but to some it means much more than that. Some describe the application of makeup as “putting on your face” and if they aren’t wearing makeup they feel ugly and rejected by men. But that’s the thing; some women aren’t viewed as pretty unless they have makeup on. This objectives women and tells them they don’t look good enough if they aren’t wearing any-and it basically seems as if they are “painting on their face” like objects. Makeup can come in many different shapes and sizes, liquids and powders, and even colors! From bright red to completely black, every women has a different preference to the type of the makeup they prefer. Makeup can also be identified as an object that covers up unwanted pimples, blackheads, and freckles. Despite covering up unpolished things on your face, makeup can also be used to amplify certain features on your body. Lips, cheeks, and eyes for instance. You can purchase lipstick, mascara, bronzer, eye shadow, blush, and many other makeup items at any local grocery and convenient stores. Makeup prices can range any where from $10 to $200+. Regardless of the price, many women will go above and beyond to perceived as beautiful to the opposite sex. Women aren’t viewed as “pretty” or “hot” if they go for the natural look and don’t wear makeup. Like I mentioned before, this is objectifying women and making them believe that they aren’t viewed as beautiful if they aren’t wearing makeup. According to Women’s Lives, multicultural perspective, the definition of objectification is the attitudes and behaviors by which people are treated as if they were “things”. Other humans, mostly males, telling women they don’t look go... ... middle of paper ... men actually enjoy looking at a 90-pound stick figure on the front of a magazine. Thankfully, feminism has changed society and allowed women to feel confident with who they are and what they have in spite of what men think! Since makeup has come about, the meaning has changed throughout the centuries to individuals! Makeup is a symbol for female’s beauty and attractiveness. This idea illustrates just how strongly social constructionism has effected our generation. When makeup approached women, there was just no way they could deny the idea of being more beautiful or glamorous towards males. Not all women feel this strongly towards makeup and choose the natural route. Maybe in the future women will decide not to wear the amount of makeup they do and turn back towards the natural route OR maybe males will start wearing makeup to appear attractive towards females.
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