Argumentative Essay About Drug Addiction

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Numerous people do not comprehend why or just how a person develops a drug addicted. It can be presumed that drug abusers have no moral code or willpower. Many people believe that people that are addict to drugs can leave the addiction by choosing to stop, and not feeding their addiction. In truth, drug addiction is a multifaceted illness, to quit takes more than good intentions. Society has a mental image of what a drug addict looks like. However, a person addict to drugs can be anyone, at any age, and any social standing. This mental illness will not discriminate on gender, age, color or race. There are many misconceptions regarding the type of people that are addicted and to the various addictions. An addiction does not need to be to prescribed drugs or illegal drugs. It can be to common food we eat every day, like coffee, sugar, liquor or anorexia. Everyone has their own battle with addictions the only difference is what type of addictions are acceptable in society and the forms they take. One of the main misconceptions about addicts is that they can stop being addicted to drugs if they have strong willpower. This myth is incorrect research shows that long-term substance use alters brain chemistry. These changes can cause intense cravings, impulse control issues, and the compulsion to continue to…show more content…
Addiction is a continuing disorder it will not be solved in a short amount of time. An addict has to continue to commit to not relapsing. Addicts are most susceptible to reverting to drugs in the first few months of becoming sober. A relapse does not establish failure, it just means the struggle to be successful is harder for them. Another myth is that alcohol drinking can cause addiction to drugs. Although alcohol and drugs may activate addiction for some, however those who drink alcohol and drug use and never become addicted. (White,

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